I’m not sure I’ve ever known myself and I’m not sure I’ve found a place to belong. I come from two small towns in the north of Scotland and grew up somewhere in between. When I was young, small-town mentalities forced a façade of fear and second-guessing to form an impenetrable wall, separating me from exploring my identity. Eventually, I moved away to the city, but I felt then as if I were missing out on a life and a community that the rose-tinted lens of social media had conditioned me to believe was promised. And now, for some incomprehensible reason, I find myself to be homesick for an imagined past...
Finn Robinson
b.2000, Inverness, Scotland
Currently lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland

Selected Education
    BA (Hons) First-Class, Fine Art - Painting and Printmaking, The Glasgow School of Art (2018 - 2022)
    RSA New Contemporaries Selected Artist 2024 (selected from undergraduate degree show in 2022)
    SaltSpace Graduate Award Residency Winner 2022 (chosen from undergraduate degree show in 2022)

Solo Exhibitions
    Solo show at SaltSpace Gallery, Glasgow (Upcoming)

Group Exhibitions
    RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition 2024, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (Upcoming)
    SSA 130 Years Exhibition (SSA 124th Annual Exhibition), Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (Pre-Selected)
    In Finite Worlds, SaltSpace Gallery, Glasgow (September 15th - 19th)
    Undergraduate Degree Show, Stow Building, Glasgow (May 31st - June 12th)
    HERETIC, Group Show, The Garage Space, Barnes Building, Glasgow (17th - 19th February)
    STUCK, Year Group Show, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, (10th - 12th December)
    It’s Not Too Late, Group Show, The Vic, Glasgow (12th November)
    Pop-Up Group Show, The Blue Chip, Stow Building, Glasgow (7th October)
    DRAW UPON EXPERIENCE, Online Group Show, https://www.instagram.com/p/COr9sRUr3ys/ (10th – 11th May)
    First Draft, Online Year Group Show, https://www.instagram.com/p/CN15I5QFnlq/https://firstdraftexhibition.cargo.site/  (19th – 23rd April)
    Mimesis, Online Group Show, https://www.instagram.com/p/CAVVie3lyZ8/ (May 18th - 24th)
    Testbed exhibitions, Year Group Show, The Life Room, Stow Building, Glasgow (March - cancelled due to covid-19) 
    Year 1 P&P Group Exhibition, Tontine Building, Glasgow (April 16th)
    F1rst Year Painting Epic Exhibition, Group Show, The Art School Project Spaces, Glasgow (January 12th)
    Year Group Exhibition, Group Show, Tontine Building, Glasgow, (November)

    Glasgow School of Art Fine Art Degree Show Catalogue 2022, (June)
    Featured in The Skinny’s degree show coverage, (June)
    UNBOUND, Year Group Publication, (August)

    SaltSpace Graduate Award Residency 2022, SaltSpace Cooperative, Glasgow (22nd August - 11th September)

    Artworks and cover designs for Majesty Palm:
        -    Peace of Mind, single (February release)
        -    Split, single (April release)
        -    Side Eye, single (August release)
        -    More collaborations coming soon...
    STUCK, co-curator, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, (10th - 12th December)
    Pop-Up Group Show, co-curator, The Blue Chip, Stow Building, Glasgow (7th October)
    First Draft, co-curator, social media coordinator, and Instagram design team lead (19th – 23rd April)
    Mimesis, co-curator and social media coordinator, https://www.instagram.com/p/CAVVie3lyZ8/ (May 18th - 24th)
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