Online exhibition held on the Glasgow School of Art's Instagram account,
10th - 11th May 2021
The Portrait & Life Collective
Organisers Lizzie Little & Olivia Macdonald

The Portrait & Life Collective began as a response to the lack of life drawing opportunities available to students during Covid-19. Our aim was to create a 'virtual life room' to give students with a figurative interest the opportunity to work with a variety of subjects.
We value observational approaches to drawing and painting and the life room as an environment which develops a better understanding of spatial and visual relationships. Observations of line, tone, colour, light, and shape form a process of visual enquiry which translates across all creative disciplines.
Alongside our friends and colleagues at Drawing Club, we created a positive collaborative response to restrictions.
Drawing Club
Organiser Cate Smith

In Drawing Club we used our bodies and close environment as subject matter for life drawing studies. We drew fragments of our lives through time-based drawings creating a visual diary of our year in isolation.
The limitations imposed by lockdown allowed us to explore the possibilities of life drawing. Alongside our friends and colleagues at the Portrait & Life Collective, we created a positive collaborative response to restrictions.
With classes echoing the changing ways we now meet, we have appreciated the sense of student community and shared creative atmosphere. We have drawn inspiration from our history and collaborated with art models from different parts of the world who have created wonderful sets and beautiful poses from their own home spaces, playing a vital part in the creative process.

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